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We are bringing back #TuneTuesday because this weekend was a total blast,  and though this song was first released in 2015 (and blew up around this time last year), I only just recently got the privilege of watching this video.

If you haven’t seen it yet…. you’re so welcome. This chick is on fire 🍑🍑🍑

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This chick is the realest.

In other news, I quit my job.

Well, it’s not that dramatic. Like, I put in a two weeks notice and everything. Shit just got real today because I just sent e-mails out to all my clients telling them Thursday will be my last day. In my last week of work before I start at this new place, I kind of feel like a cop a week before retirement… I’m trying to play it as safe as possible so I can leave quietly and unscathed.

The uncertainty of the future used to make me uncomfortable. It gave me so much unwanted anxiety. I’m beginning to realize the real anxiety comes from settling for one thing when you know something bigger is out there. Now I’m filled with this excited anxiousness for what’s in store for me… and I can’t wait.


Now playing: Androgynous

Oh y’know… just posting this music video on this #TuneTuesday because… important.

Surprisingly, The Replacements originally released this song in 1984. Almost 30 years later we’re still giving people shit for trying to do and be who and what they want… Anyway, here’s a video that was released on Friday featuring Miley, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and Joan Jett rocking out for Miley’s new campaign, The Happy Hippie Foundation, aimed to support our homeless youth. Rock on, you beautiful, lovely ladies, you.