kc goes ape

I’ve been having a bit of a rough go at things lately.

This past Sunday, as the morning sun crept through my window, by 9am I already maintained that I would stay in bed all day. Birds chirping, cat purring and waiting to be fed, I had no plans for the day and I had no motivation for anything this Sunday had to offer.

Then my text tone went off, and my heart stopped.

I frantically shuffled around the bed in search of my phone. My heart sunk when it wasn’t who I was waiting to hear from: more proof that I was making the right decision for the day. Then I actually read the message I received:

“Do you want to Go Ape at 1:30?”

um. What did you just ask me?


Apparently there is a local zip lining/tree top adventure course located in the Metroparks in Strongsville — called Go Ape. Not exactly something I would jump at on a regular Sunday (let alone one where I’m feeling sad and unmotivated), but it felt like this was one of those times I just had to suck it up and agree to go.

We started with a quick, overwhelming lesson with a lot of information and all of it ending in “you could basically die if you don’t follow these rules.” So that was great. I would recommend going with someone who has done it before, just for that simple fact. There were 5 courses to complete (the first one being a small “intro” course); each beginning with a climb up into the trees, a handful of obstacles to get through, before ending with a zip line back to ground level. You have to book in advance, and lucky for us, this weekend was 25% off so we only paid $45 when all was said and done. It was a bit crowded, I assume because of the promotion, so there was a little bit of waiting time between obstacles and courses. But it was enough time to calm all of my nerves between the adrenaline rushes.

The website recommends closed-toe shoes, workout gloves, and tying your hair back. All very appropriate recommendations — after about the 3rd course my hands were hurting without gloves.

I never really thought I had a fear of heights — but being 50+ feet above ground, with only two cables keeping me from imminent death, I definitely had some involuntary hand trembling and knee shaking going on. It didn’t help that I kept looking down like a psycho. There were times I wanted nothing more than to turn back around and get on solid ground. I think I almost pissed myself no less than three times.

Overall, though, I have to admit it was beyond exhilarating. Actually getting through the courses took some strength and patience, but getting to that zip line at the end and the freeing feeling of it all — it was 1000% better than staying in bed all day. Everyone should do something that scares the shit out of them at least every once in a while. Lesson learned.


Check it out for yourself, you can book now at www.goape.com.

kc goes to Pittsburgh

As you can probably imagine, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten out of Cleveland. Not counting our weekend getaway to roofie island, the last time I went out of town was when I went to Vegas in January… for work. Yikes. Note to self, get out of town more plz. So. My friend Mike and I had been planning a day trip to Pittsburgh for months now, and finally followed through last weekend.

Before you say it, yes… I know. Fuck the Steelers, right? You wouldn’t believe how sick to my stomach I got walking around the Strip District… but we didn’t go as sports fans. We actually went as classy ass motherfuckers who wanted to visit a few art museums and fancy restaurants. But still, the Steelers suck.

Our first destination was the popular Andy Warhol Museum. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did; it’s this 7-story building with three rooms of exhibits on each floor (give or take), each exploring a decade in Warhol’s strange, strange life. Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh and was clearly out of his mind, making a lot of his work hard to understand but interesting to look at. My favorite part (obviously) was all the cats he drew.



He came out with a book entitled 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy. It literally contained drawings of 16 cats named Sam and, you guessed it, one blue pussy.




But his well-known prints were actually very cool up close too, seeing more than just the Marilyn Monroe ones and all the different ways he experimented with silk screens and colors was sort of hypnotizing.




And don’t even ask what the hell was going on in this room (excuse my cameo):



Our next stop was the Carnegie Museum of Art. Having gotten very familiar with the Cleveland Museum of Art, I was excited to see what another city’s renowned art collection had to offer. Honestly, though, the Cleveland Museum of Art blew this place out of the water (and CMA is free to the public, too… this place ran us about $20 a piece). The rooms were not as fluid as you’d like them to be, so most of the time we found ourselves sort of walking in circles and having to back track so that we wouldn’t miss something cool. And don’t get me started on some of the weird ass shit they let in there. Further proof that people in Pittsburgh are a little weirder than the rest of the world.



With our admission to the Carnegie Museum, we also had access to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. It sort of brought us back to our childhood; marveling at the dinosaur bones (which I wasn’t convinced were real at first—they seriously looked like plastic). I hadn’t seen anything like that since I was super young and gained a whole new perspective on the experience.

One quick loop around the historical market district known in Pittsburgh as the Strip District was enough for us… It had some really cool local vendors but between the cold, the Steeler paraphernalia, and all the yummy smelling food around every corner (with dinner reservations in less than an hour) we cut that visit short, and headed straight to the restaurant after what seemed like a long day already. (Although, I do wish Cleveland had something more like that and less pop-up fleas and Bazaars)

I didn’t put it together until I got home and told my dad about it, but the restaurant we went to was pretty famous for us non-cable-havers. Growing up without the Food Network, the only cooking shows we had access to was on the public broadcasting station on Saturday mornings. My dad and I would always watch this little Italian woman named Lidia whip up some mean dishes. So when Mike and I ended up at Lidia’s Pittsburgh, I didn’t realize at the time what a treat we were in for.

The food was pretty pricey, but well worth it. We got the Fritto Misto as an appetizer, which was fried calamari, fried shrimp, and a mix of fried vegetables all served with lemon and marinara. It was basically a little taste of heaven. For dinner, I got the Cinghiale, which was a wild boar stuffed ravioli (I mean that’s basically pork, right?). It was delicious as expected. Even the pinot noir I had was unlike anything I’d ever tasted before (if there is one thing Italians do really well, I’ve found it’s the pinot). I almost wish we would have saved room for desert but I could barely move after what we did eat.



Tell me that doesn’t look delightful. All in all, it was a pretty successful trip, and it was nice to get out of Cleveland for a while and see what a different city had to offer. I probably won’t be going back there until AFTER football season…


kc survives roofie island

I was a little hesitant when the general consensus voted in favor of a bachelorette party in Put-in-Bay, due to the recent horror stories arising last year dubbing it “Roofie Island.” Having never been there before myself, I wasn’t entirely confident I could pull this off without a hitch. But, seeing as it was the closest thing to a getaway we have here around Cleveland, I was ready to make this thing happen.

As the Maid of Honor, my duties ranged not only from getting a final head count for the trip (which, for a destination bachelorette party is way more difficult than I ever imagined), to getting all necessary information to the girls attending in regard to departure times, cost, and actually getting to and from the island and making sure everyone had a good time. One thing I am so glad I did was put together full-proof survival kits for everyone going. Here’s what was in them:

“Team Bride” tank tops

A necessity for any bachelorette party. People need to know why you’re down there celebrating, and what better way than to be decked out in tanks. Obviously, the bride had her own tank that said “Bride” along with a veil and sash (and various penis-related items) to separate her from the crowd, but these were a must. Also a pretty good tool to locate your group.


I got mini bottles of ibuprofen that were $0.99 a piece at Target, and gave everyone enough Pepto Bismol chewables for the weekend. It not only helped prevent hangovers but helped cure any morning nausea from our long days of drinking. These were probably the most popular items in the survival kits!

Liquid other than alcohol

Water and Gatorade bottles. Because everyone was so worried about all the liquor they were bringing, no one was paying attention to rule number one… STAY HYDRATED! Especially after a long night of drinking and a long day drinking in the sun.

Protein bars

So our hotel serves a complimentary breakfast…every day except for Saturday. Clearly because it’s the busiest day… but what a kick in the gonads to roll out of bed at 8 am looking forward to a free meal and finding nothing. The protein bars helped stave off the hangry while we sipped stale coffee and started to plan out our day.

Chewing gum

Because sometimes your rank ass breath needs it after a long day and night of binge drinking.

Mini sunscreen

Perfect for our long day at the pool on Saturday, the mini sunscreens came in super handy for the face! Clearly, I didn’t bring mine to the pool and burned the hell out of my nose. It only just now looks half way normal.

Other miscellaneous knick knacks

Cheap sunglasses just in case someone broke or lost a pair, small samples of perfume and makeup and Mardi Gras beads just for the hell of it.


My voice still isn’t entirely back, and I’m pretty sure multiple people now have pictures of me bonging a beer out of a dick-shaped beer bong, but all in all it was a great weekend.

Protip: Always keep your thumb over the opening of your beer while you’re dancing, honor the buddy system with your girlfriends at all times, and be aware of your surroundings. Then you, too can enjoy a weekend in Put-in-Bay without being roofied!!!!!


kc goes to a silent disco

“Come discover…how it feels to hang out alone together.”

Ever wonder what it’d be like to be in a room full of people, and still be alone? That’s kind of how Saturday went. I attended a silent disco at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (“MOCA”) and co-hosted by Thrive Cleveland. When I told people about this, the first question I received was, What is a silent disco? Answer (according to the event website): “It’s a party where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.” Second question (that I was actually asked numerous times) — Do they really play disco music? Answer: No, it was your average club music, included mostly songs everyone knows (at least some) of the words to, and featured a live set by DJ Steph Floss.

They say when one of your five senses become dull, that the other ones kick into overdrive. Well, imagine that concept flipped: put one sense into overdrive and guess what happens? Having headphones on full blast let me block out almost everyone and everything around me. I wasn’t looking at others dancing, I wasn’t listening to my friends talking… I wasn’t worried about anyone but myself. I was just there, singing, dancing, and enjoying myself. It was an experience unlike any other.

I’m sure we were being studied as part of one giant social experiment, but I didn’t mind at all, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. For just $12, we gained access to the silent disco along with four floors of exhibits at MOCA – alcohol extra (duh). Below are some pictures from the night (more from Cleveland Scene here) along with a couple videos I took to try and capture the feel of the night.

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Scene

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Scene

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Scene

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Scene


Photo courtesy of this big mirror thing by the bar


Photo courtesy of some chick on the street

First song of the night – can you guess what it is before the video ends? Also please note someone saying, “We sound really dumb” — this means the alcohol has not kicked in yet. I think everyone was still getting comfortable with the concept of a silent disco.

A little later in the night… can you tell we have more alcohol in our system? Sorry I’m not sorry for capturing your lovely voices on video, dear sweet friends of mine.

All in all, this shit was the bomb.

kc goes crazy

Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows.

-Nisargadatta Maharaj

Hi, um, YES.

The full moon in Scorpio over the weekend had this double Scorpio thoroughly off of her rocker. Before I had any clue a full moon was approaching (let alone one in Scorpio), someone asked me if I took speed prior to going out Friday night. Mind you, I was completely sober when I was asked. I felt hyperactive—equally embracing and also reeling over all these feelings I had about everything going on in my life. I just felt off all weekend. Not in a bad way, just in a weird way. Initially, I credited it to the fact that I do have a lot going on in my life currently. However, soon enough I realized I could thank the universe (at least partly) for causing my crazy to hit overdrive. The full moon in Scorpio is always an emotionally-charged one, and all I can say is the experience, followed by my awareness of the situation, was fucking cathartic.

[Side note: If you don’t know what I mean by being a “double Scorpio,” it means both my sun sign (aka, the sign you probably consider yourself) and my rising sign are Scorpio… making me more intense than your average Scorpio. I’m also a Virgo moon. Any full or new moon in your sign (sun, rising or moon) causes you to experience the event more intensely than any of the other signs do. Oh btw, I buy into the actual study of all this crap now. Your natal chart is everything… if you haven’t tried this yet, go here and figure that shit out. Learn something about yourself. Let the universe put you in your place for a change.]


I read today that Scorpio is considered the all-or-nothing sign. It’s alarming how many times I have expressed that mentality to my friends and family over the years, down to describing my preference in pizza toppings. (I want either plain cheese or full on supreme. Nothing in between.) I’m all or nothing in relationships too—both romantic and platonic. Either you’re there for me or you’re not. And if I sense in any capacity that you’re only half-in, then I’m all out. There is no grey area for me, ever. I either want it or I don’t, I love it or I hate it, I’m completely content or utterly dissatisfied. I had no idea this was a character trait of my sign until I read it here today while preparing this post.

In the wake of some major changes looming on the horizon for me, it’s also a good time to remind everyone that Mercury goes into retrograde May 18th. I’m hoping I’ll have my shit together and all tucked away before that since a retrograde is not the best time to enter into new contracts, relationships, etc. I’m keeping the faith, though, that retrograde or not, I have the ability to turn what I want into reality.

According to astrologer Molly Hall, “Instead of checking out, [Scorpios] gain soul power by withstanding, and being creative where we can, in the face of adversity. True confidence emerges when there’s nothing to fear within or without.” Ya heard?

In other news, I joined a summer volleyball league yesterday. I figure, I can keep complaining, year after year, about how much I miss playing, or I can actually do something about it. It should be a fun time with friends and a great way to get outside and stay active this summer! Hopefully this summer will hold a lot of new adventures… I’m going into it with an open mind and with the mindset that I can sleep when it’s winter.