Oh, hey. Welcome! I’m Kim, Cleveland born and raised.

That is me 👇

I started this blog about a year after graduating college, in the midst of a very weird period in my life. Around this time, I became all too aware that thoughts raced through my head constantly; thoughts that I couldn’t possibly confine to 140 character limits. I had this realization, at 23 years old, that time was moving so fast, and I wanted to document my journey somehow. I wanted to share my thoughts with, well, whoever wants to read.

I loved writing in school, even though it wasn’t the route I pursued as a career. After 16 long years of excelling in the world of academia, I realized one year out that if I didn’t continue to challenge myself in different ways, I would start losing the skills I put so much effort into developing. Thus, kcincleveland was born. This is my place to ramble on about things that don’t matter, and to express my own opinions on the important things too. I enjoy it. If you do too, then that’s pretty cool.

Thanks for visiting.


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