I’ve always wanted a lover with a gold phallus

It’s been a while since I’ve done an astrology post. But with tomorrow’s new moon in Aquarius, I stumbled across this article from Elephant Journal that shared a rather interesting story about the events taking place tomorrow. Along with the new moon occurs the conjunction of the constellations Osiris and Isis. According to the article, it’s considered an “extremely rare celestial occurrence for Isis and Osiris to conjunct on a new moon and it signifies a vital and essential phase of our soul evolution and our relationship with our twin flame.”

The history of Isis and Osiris is one of the most notable stories in Egyptian mythology. Apparently they were twins fathered by Geb, the earth god and Nut, the sky goddess. The two were born with a deep connection to each other, and became this power couple that ruled over Egypt. Well, they also had a brother named Set who was kind of pissed off at all the attention Osiris and Isis were getting and decided he would murder his bro Osiris in retaliation. Not only did he murder Osiris, but he chopped him up in pieces and scattered them across Egypt.

Isis, in her deep love and connection with Osiris, searches tirelessly for every single piece. Eventually she is able to put him back together, as she finds every piece except for his, well, man piece. She then mummifies him (thus he becomes the first mummy), and decides to give him a golden wang so that she could birth his child.

The significance with Isis and the current twin flame energies is that she shows us the power and force of her feminine energy when she set her mind on retrieving, repairing and healing her loved one’s body and soul.

Wild story, but a deep significance for tomorrow when the two meet again in the sky. As any new moon occurs, it is a time for new beginnings and for us to plant seeds for the future. With the addition of the Isis/Osiris conjunction, “anyone who is involved with a twin flame will have been feeling the strength and intensity of this brewing energy.” If we are with our twin flame, or mirror soul, tomorrow should be an interesting day. I definitely recommend taking the time to read this article [New Moon in Aquarius: The Time is right for a Rare Twin Flame Conjunction] if you’re interested in this stuff. And for more on the New Moon in Aquarius (and a breakdown of every astrological event this month), check out my friend’s site AstroLuminus. I just wanted to share the story of the gold peen with you.

If you ask me, I think she couldn’t find his real junk on purpose.

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