I shamelessly confess…

Last week it took me three whole days to get the Phillips head connected to my $2 screwdriver so I could fix a screw that fell off the light switch in my room. I cut my finger on  a lemon earlier in the week, so every time I tried to detach the part I needed, I failed miserably. Three days I attempted this. Initially, when the screw fell, I thought it was a bug and I screamed out loud.

When I do see a bug in my apartment, I have to take a minute to compose myself. I calmly grab a piece of toilet paper, scoop up the creepy crawler, and squeeze it hard enough in my hand to make sure it’s dead before I (literally) throw it in the toilet. Then I close the toilet lid before I flush, so that I know the bug can’t escape. But I also have to open the  lid once it’s flushed just to make sure that the bug is, in fact, gone from my apartment.

There usually isn’t anyone around to open jars for me when I can’t do it. I either have to find the strength to get that shit done or do without whatever it is I thought I needed.

And yeah, living alone there is a good chance I can leave something until someone else who knows what they’re doing can come take care of it. The moral of this story is not that I’m some strong independent woman who don’t need no man doesn’t need anyone but myself. Because I need people. I needed my dad to come rescue me when my toilet wasn’t working and I had to poop really bad. I didn’t set up my own WiFi. And I totally convinced one of my coworkers to come over after work one night and put together a cabinet that I probably could have done on my own. I can depend on other people to do things for me.

But there are just those times
When you need to suck it up
And get it done for yourself.

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