I totally forgot to put a title on this.

Well… it’s that time of year again. Another birthday looming on the horizon. Another year older. Arguably, it’s been a great year. Better than most. But 25 just sounds… so old. I don’t know if I’m having what you’d call a quarter-life crisis, because I’m totally stoked at where I am at this point… but, like, damn. A quarter of a century? Really? I’ve been here that long?

It’s wildly appropriate that I stumbled across this instagram page a couple of days ago. Created by Samantha Jayne, “Quarter Life Poetry” is just what I need to read this week to realize I’m not actually alone in feeling the way that I do.


Sidenote: I got a cat and his name is Charles Barkley and he wears a bowtie and he’s the shit. This poem rang the most true.


Ok, no, this one rang the most true. Because, food.




I’ve been on this particular juice cleanse for about 2 years now.

And for all my weirdos out there, the New Moon in Scorpio will peak at 12:47 PM EST tomorrow (11/11/15). So, not only is there a “holy portal” opening numerically with repeating 11s, but astrologically, we will experience a gate opening for new beginnings. This energy lets us dive deep into our emotions and desires to get us closer to where we want to be. Fuck yeah. Accept what brought you here and be at peace with where you are. Set intentions for where you want to go. At least the universe has my back just in time for the birthday!

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