the amicable split

It’s time to discuss a very real occurrence in the world. One that will creep up on you if you find yourself getting too comfortable with your mate: it’s called the amicable split.

A friendly break-up is always one of the hardest things two human beings in a romantic relationship have to face. You don’t hate each other; you don’t despise or resent each other–it’s that moment when you finally realize you’re just going through the motions, and no amount of shared history with another person can justify staying together, so the only other logical option is to split.

People want to be able to pinpoint some major flaw in themselves or in their partner when a relationship finally comes to an end. It’s easier to hate your significant other for cheating, or to hate yourself for not showing up in a relationship. It’s easier to have something tangible to blame. It’s easier than facing the fact that you might still love and care about someone without actually being in love with them. It’s easier than admitting you’re just not meant to be together.

But the truth is, settling for something–something that isn’t meant to be… that’s true torture. Remember kiddies, the opposite of love isn’t hate–it’s indifference.

Stay heartless, my pretties.

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