Strawberry Moons

Dear Cleveland,

It’s the first of June. It’s 50 degrees out and I have a beach volleyball game tonight. COULD YOU NOT?

Your good friend,


So, despite this lackluster weather (then again, what do you expect in Cleveland…), if you’re sensing all the people around you are acting batshit crazy, you’re not alone. Tomorrow, June 2, is another full moon… and not just any full moon. This one is called a “strawberry moon.” Hold on. Don’t get too excited. The moon won’t be pink (which would actually be really cool), it’s only called that because this particular full moon tells farmers that fruit [specifically, strawberries] are ready to be picked. Sorry to disappoint, but this full moon should be pretty interesting, regardless.

Full moons always create closure while pulling us into a balancing act between two signs of the zodiac. The featured signs tomorrow are the sun in Gemini, opposite moon in Sagittarius. Through this “tug-of-war” between the two signs, a few different things will come into play:

Sagittarius: will give you the energy and the will to go out and seek the thrill of the unknown. This sign is all about discovery and adventure, more concerned with the big picture than all the details along the way. Which counteracts with Gemini…

Gemini: like Sag, Gemini likes to be on the go, but it favors stopping to gather as much information as it can along the way. These two combined will no doubt give you a desire to go out, but there will also be factors pushing you to learn. Gemini rules the mind and how we communicate.

Mercury: rules Gemini, and we’re still in a retrograde until June 11. The full moon is a good time to readjust how we think and communicate, as the retrograde tends to get in the way of that.

Mars: the energy planet for this full moon. He will fuel energy and push us to get what we want. This may happen too aggressively, so be careful. You’ll feel like a risk-taker during this time and that’s okay – use it to get what you want done.

It’ll be a time of risks, change, and reality checks. It’s also a good time to release negative mental patterns, ideas, beliefs, and ways of thinking that no longer serve you, and to keep your mind open to new opportunities or understandings of the world around you. Good luck out there.

In other news, this month marks the one year anniversary of kcincleveland! It’s been a crazy and interesting and fun year, but more on that later. Working on some new things for you all, so if you’re reading this, stay tuned and THANK YOU!


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