The latest trend in drinking…

Happy first of the month!

These days, it seems like we’re constantly finding ways to make drinking more exciting. Why? I don’t know. Personally, a bottle (or box) of wine is all I need for a good time. But apparently, we have to incorporate other activities into our drinking or it’s considered a “problem.” Psh… my only “problem” is when I run out of alcohol.

So, this brings us to the latest trend in drinking… paint parties. You gather a bunch of your friends either at a house or a private room in a bar/restaurant, feed ’em some booze, make them cough up some cash, and you all drunkenly paint the same picture. I went to my first paint party last weekend, hosted by Artists Uncork’d. They are a Cleveland-based company that specialize in step-by-step, alcohol-induced acrylic paintings. I was pretty excited to try this out, especially when I saw this was what we were going to [attempt to] paint:


It’s a Van Gogh-esq version of the Cleveland skyline. Beyond cool, right? I went into this thinking it would be next to impossible to paint. Especially looking down at our plates of paint and realizing there were only mounds of black, white, red, blue and yellow… How am I gonna get those five colors to look like THIS MASTERPIECE?! I thought this to myself as I took another swig of wine. But, the step-by-step direction of our instructor, combined with the fact that literally no matter how bad you think you are at painting, you could never mess this up… much to my surprise, everyone left with an awesome, unique painting. If you ever have an opportunity to try out something like this, go for it. Just make sure the painting is cool and Cleveland-related, or you’re an idiot.

Below are some pictures of my progress throughout the night. Sorry for the poor quality, I may or may not have been slightly intoxicated when I made this snapchat story.






Not bad, eh? Like I said, everyone’s came out great. It looks a lot better and brighter in person.


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