I can’t believe I’m dating my work papers with ‘2014’ today for the last time. On one hand it felt like the year that was never going to end, but here we are… Life is always moving forward whether you’re ready or not. And while I feel like it’s ending on a surprisingly positive note, this year has not been without its hardships. It seemed as though life tried pushing me to my limits in so many aspects. It certainly wasn’t the worst year of my life, because at the end of it I’m here, I’m healthy, and I’m happy—and I wouldn’t be where I am without experiencing it all.

I put so much emphasis this time last year on making my New Year’s Eve the absolute best it could be, which ended in me drinking myself sick and in bed before midnight. That was lesson one: Nothing ever goes as planned, and you can’t map out perfection. But if you just relax and go with it, sometimes life grants you a pleasant surprise. I know that now. And I am ready to embrace it.

Here’s to leaving the toxic, the stressful, the pain and the negativity behind us (in 2014 where it belongs). Here’s to embracing the positive, and living every day to its fullest. Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year and many more to come. Cheers!

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