Six current events you should probably know about

Maybe it’s because it’s been slow at work, or maybe it’s because I’m paying closer attention to the news these days… either way, some crazy shit is happening right now. Time to get educated on some world news, bitches.

  • Sony cancels showings of The Interview worldwide, after hackers threaten the safety of employees and movie theaters that opt to show it. It’s unbelievable that all the money and effort that went into a movie (that probably wouldn’t have even done very well in the box office anyway) is seemingly for nothing, since Sony has no immediate plans to offer up a new release date. I can see both sides of this argument… imagine if Russia or China came out with a movie plotting an assassination of Barack Obama. Like, there has been countless movies (off the top of my head SHOOTER) where POTUS assassination plots occur, but never with an ACTING president. The whole situation is fucked and sets a very strange precedent that is going to have lasting affects on the media and entertainment industry. U.S. officials successfully “tied” North Korea to the Sony hack, as well, but this article completely debunks the idea that we can blame the hack on an entire nation-state.
  • Russian currency is tanking and people in the rest of the world are freaking out, but Americans are OK with it because gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in years. Putin blames America (obviously).
  • Ebola is still definitely a thing—just, like, not in America, so we’re more worried about how we’re going to see The Interview than we are this disease.
  • Everyone already has a pretty good idea about the CIA torturing prisoners (HELLO, have we not heard of the Patriot Act? Come on, people). But all of a sudden this Torture Report comes out, and these are “shocking revelations.” Just because the whole ideology behind the Patriot Act appears in writing, you all of a sudden feel like it’s wrong? Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.
  • America made up with Cuba, something I never thought I would see in my lifetime (mostly because they haven’t been civil since well before I was born). Opening travel and limited trade between the countries would mean Cuban cigars for us and probably a McDonald’s or two for them.

In summary, it seems like the world is flipping its shit. What a time to be alive, people. What a time.

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