New Moon in Libra

I’m constantly shifting between believing I’m fine, and thinking that one little thought that takes over my mind and makes me feel like my progress is futile. I hear a song I’ve never heard before, randomly pop up on my Pandora station, speaking out to me… “And it seems you’ve disappeared, though you’re not that far away/Please tell me it’s not true, I didn’t mean that much to you/What did I do wrong? Nothing, I treated you like an angel,” and I think, what the fuck universe? Why are you giving me this shit? I immediately paste the lyrics into an e-mail and save as a draft I know I’ll never send. I know I just need more time, but as I’m waiting and waiting to feel better, I can’t help but think I’m wasting precious time. Time I could be spending enjoying my life, my friends, my family, or my awesome apartment (that is finally coming together and feeling like a home).

Enter: New Moon in Libra, tonight– actually, September 24th at 2:14 am EST to be exact. I have this amazing, beautiful friend named Erin, who is passionately into topics such as self-love, healing and astrology, and I seek advice/words from her often because I love and respect what she has to say. [Side note, I also just ordered her book, Notes on Healing and Clarity here on Amazon, which I can’t wait to read.] Anyway, she mentioned it being a New Moon in Libra and I asked for more info, knowing that new moons generally relate to transformation and regeneration (which means good news for me). She directed me to this link. There were some words in here, specifically from an astrologer named Robert Wilkinson’s piece entitled Aquarius Papers, that truly resonated with me and keep me hopeful for the future:

“Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Libra introduces us to a time of new inspiration through transfiguration, with Venus bringing gentle beauty and appreciation to all we attempt.
“This will be a productive New Moon, with a promise that the scales of justice will be balanced as we see how connected we truly are to the life that’s all around us!
“This New Moon in Libra is idealistic, initiating, balancing, and challenges us to put ourselves out there and show others our training or how we’ve mastered our lower nature…”
“…Very big changes in how we do and do not mesh with the collective will be in motion, and some will find allies with whom they can cooperate in a greater destiny involving a collectivity of people.
“…right now we have Mercury quintile both Jupiter and Pluto, and Jupiter biquintile Pluto. This activates 3 points of a 5 Pointed Star pattern, showing high specialization where unique qualities can come forth, or specialized conditions will allow for unique gifts that are perfect for whatever is needed in that situation. Given that Jupiter is part of the very powerful Grand Fire Trine in the making these next several weeks, it’s time to get inspired and light up the sky of our life! 
“This idealistic, interactive, joyous, balancing and uniquely gifting New Moon occurs at 2 Libra on September 23, 2014, at 11:14 pm PDT, September 24 at 2:14 am EDT, and 7:14 am BST…”
“As I said, this will be an initiating, refining, practical, efficient, gifting and destiny-shaping New Moon, and we will all be tested to show our self-discipline as we identify with a larger sweep of cycles and evolution. With so many favorable aspects and only one minor frictional one, these next 4 weeks should be unique, productive, and favorable for those who have overcome their sense of separateness or isolation.”
“Many of the gifts and unique conditions promised by this New Moon will show us new ways of linking our perception to our imagination, especially regarding seed-forms to be developed with patience and maturity. Many who have endured tough situations, disappointments, and relentless or manipulative people will find rewards for having done the right thing despite difficult circumstances.
“…Saturn in Scorpio continues to put a focus on eliminating stagnant feelings and responses, finding appropriate boundaries and a sense of responsibility for our magnetism as we continue to shed various ‘skins of personality.’ This Lunation shows Saturn with few powerful aspects, indicating it will be one force in the Neptune ‘forks in the road of destiny’ that the world is facing at present.
“Scorpio helps us make choices about what to eliminate, what to regenerate, and how to let go of all that we don’t want nor need to take with us into the future.
“…Saturn continues to help us see a) how we have shifted our magnetism on relationships since last Summer, and/or b) how we need to find a new view or way of understanding the losses and eliminations of the past we’ve been through. Now we’re flowing into a long wave period of finding the right focus to allow inspiring teachings to transform our daily lives. 
“…So while we all get a joyous break from the pandemic friction in some really productive and unique ways, just keep relying on the emotional intelligence and stability you’ve cultivated since last Summer, and as always, show patience.”

Just something for all of you to keep in mind tonight when you fall asleep. Happy New Moon 🙂

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