The struggles of a short power outage

So, after an intense thunderstorm turned tornado warning turned shitshow I experienced at my parents house Sunday night, I thought I was in the clear to head home. The storm subsided, all advisories had expired, and the rain lightened up significantly. The drive home was pretty smooth sailing, except for a few areas of high water and my main highway exit being closed off by cops and flares… then I get to my street. About a mile from my apartment, I could tell none of the houses had power. I crossed my fingers as I neared my apartment, but, alas, I could tell the fate awaiting for me at home:

This must be how the dark ages were, I thought to myself as I entered my pitch black apartment building, with only the flashlight app on my phone to guide my way. A bad storm had knocked the power out on my street for miles. My mom just picked up coffee creamer at the grocery store for me, I wonder if it will go bad in here, I think as I open the silent refrigerator to put said creamer away. As long as I don’t keep opening the fridge I think I should be okay.  Luckily I got to charge my phone a little at my parent’s house, the next thought that entered my mind, 14 percent definitely would not have cut it. But I don’t think 40 percent battery will last the night. Will my alarm go off tomorrow for work? I wonder as I light some candles and find my flashlight. My laptop is fully charged… I can put my phone on airplane mode and use that to charge it a little more… just to be safe. Now… what do I do? I wish my roommate was home. No wait, maybe not, I think as I steal a candle from her bathroom to give me a bit more illumination. Without lights, TV, internet, or my phone (I want to save as much battery as possible so using any apps or calling anyone is out of the question), my usual Sunday night options are severely limited. I first clean my room. Not like I have anything better to do, right? But I did most of the cleaning this morning so putting away clean clothes didn’t take as much time as I’d have liked. Then I think to grab a deck of cards… or wait. I have these things, they’re called books. All I need is light from the candles or flashlight to read it. Duh. I can read! And, as my laptop uses 8 percent of its power to increase my phone’s juice by 2 percent, I can’t help but realize, This isn’t how the dark ages were at all. What the hell is wrong with me? 

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