My 5 Summer Essentials


1. Sunscreen

Every summer, I make it my goal to get as tan as humanly possible. I am lucky enough to have Italian in my blood, but I also have a dash of Russian and Slovak, which means I get nasty burns on my pasty white skin in the beginning of summer if I’m not protected properly. I have two must-have sunscreens; one for the face and one for the rest of my body, plus a night-time sunscreen that protects me against those dreadful bugs.

I like to use Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for my face. It works well underneath my makeup, even with my combination skin, and gives me lasting protection all day. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my skin since I started using it regularly, too!

For the rest of my body, I recently discovered Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance – a waterproof, SPF 15 sunscreen with built-in shimmer. It’s oil-free, so it leaves no greasy feel and it’s infused with shea butter complex and mango fruit extract so it smells great. It is gentle enough for daily use, and makes you look fabulous lying out in the sun with all that built-in shimmer.

At night I switch to Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard before I go out. It’s SPF30, but since the sun isn’t out, the SPF isn’t my main concern – I love using it for the bug protection! It repels mosquitoes, deer ticks, black flies, sand flies, gnats, no-seeums and biting midges. Mosquitoes especially love me (my aunt tells me it’s because I’m so sweet). Regardless if I am wearing nothing, scented lotion, or ten layers of OFF!, they eat me alive. This is the only bug repellent I have found that actually hides me from those pesky mosquitoes, and while the product is a little bit on the greasy side, I wouldn’t leave my house for the night without it

2. Bronzer

Using SPF 30 on my face and SPF 15 on the rest of my body often leaves my face a shade or two lighter than the rest of my body, which is usually handled with my foundation, but I love finishing off my look with some bronzer to enhance my natural glow. I’m currently using this Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder from Victoria’s Secret, but it’s a little too glittery for how generously I like to apply it to my face. I think I may go back to my drugstore store fave, Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster.

3. Vibrant nail polish

Nothing says summer like neon colored nails that bring out your tan. I am over-obsessed with this color, Too Yacht to Handle, from China Glaze. Currently, though, I am rocking China Glaze Flirty Tankini, a shimmery coral that looks fantastic against my skin tone. China Glaze is my favorite nail polish brand, just because of the built-in hardeners and for how consistent it goes on my nails.


Too Yacht to Handle by China Glaze. Don’t mind the Game of Thrones and Pinot Noir in the background…

4. Racerback tanks

I’ve never been one that was in on the most current fashion trends, but I’m pretty sure racerbacks are in, right? Regardless if they are or not, I have recently become obsessed. Not only do they show off my back muscles that I have been working oh-so-hard to tone, but they are flattering to my shoulders and arms as well! Perfect active wear for whatever summer adventure you have planned, perfect to throw over your bikini top at the beach, and perfect for a long, fun night of bar hopping. From graphics ones, like this one I picked up at Express (during their 40% off sale, might I add), or these simple ones I ordered on Amazon, they are the quintessential top of the summer.

5. Cheap wayfarer sunglasses

My sunglasses retention rate is nothing to be proud of. Just this past weekend, my friend gave me a pair of awesome shades, and in my hung over haze the next day, I popped the lens right out. My favorite pair before that, I left on a plane going to Vegas. As you can see, I can’t justify spending copious amounts of money on sunglasses when their lifespan is shorter than that of a fly. Hence, my obsession with cheap wayfarers. I think these look good on anyone who has trouble finding a good pair of glasses, and you can literally find them on Amazon for around $1.00. So when I lose this awesome pair of mirrored wayfarers I am currently rocking, I won’t feel as bad to replace them. I’m all about the mirrored ones at the moment—not only does it give me free reign to stare at whoever I want without their knowledge, but I have also been caught using the lenses as a mirror for my own makeup touch-ups. Summer MUST for sure.



May your summer take you to a sandy beach with crystal clear water


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