Capturing a sunset

Have you ever been so captivated by a sunset that you wanted to keep the memory with you forever? So, you fumble for your phone and try to capture it through your car windshield, or out your bedroom window, or maybe even from a rooftop if you’re lucky enough… only to realize that one of two things are about to occur:

  1. Even if you are able to snap a picture of this, you won’t be able to encompass what it actually looked like, or how the streaks of light mixed with cloud actually made you feel
  2. In the time it takes you to get your phone (because who honestly owns a quality camera these days?), get in the right position (maybe even pull over to the side of the damn road), you become so consumed by the idea, and spend so much time trying to capture this image, that you find yourself missing out on all the beauty within it. You failed to seize the moment and then just as quickly as it entranced you, it is gone.

You can take that same concept and apply it to almost every aspect of life.

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